Which is the best 20000 mah power bank


Until recently, it was enough to purchase a 7000-10000 mAh power bank to charge the phone from it two or three times.  But the situation is changing very quickly: smartphones are getting more powerful and consume more and more energy.  Even the latest iPhone 13 Pro has a 3080mAh battery, not to mention some Android gadgets for which it’s okay to have a 4000-6000mAh battery.  Therefore, for modern smartphones, it is best to choose high-capacity power banks – from 20,000 mAh.  They have already learned how to make them compact and lightweight, so that such devices are easy to carry with you so that you can always charge your gadgets.  Let’s figure out which is the best 20000 mAh power bank available for sale.

 Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank Fast Charge

 Xiaomi powerbanks are very popular – mainly due to their good price-performance ratio.  A smartphone with a 3500 mAh battery can be fully charged at least 4 times.  The model has three connectors: 2 USB-A and USB Type-C.

 The rather low price of the device is explained by its design – the power bank has a plastic case, not as durable as the aluminum one of other Xiaomi models.  But the polymer material weighs less, so the gadget will turn out to be quite light – only 338 g. How much is 20000 mah power bank?  The cost of this model is only about $ 24.

 Xiaomi Redmi Power Bank Fast Charge supports fast charging.  However, the technology declared by the manufacturer works only for the battery itself – neither a smartphone nor a tablet can be charged using Quick Charge 2.0.

 Anker PowerCore A1363

 The model from the manufacturer Anker, a 20,000 mAh power bank, is distinguished by its small size and shock-resistant case made of rubberized polycarbonate.  To charge gadgets (charges tablets and phones, but not laptops), you can use 2 USB Type-A connectors.  There is an LED indicator to monitor the process and charge level.

 The features of this powerbank include automatic determination of the appropriate charging mode for the connected device and simultaneous charging of two gadgets (in this case, the power will be divided between them).  Another plus is the presence of a power bank cover in the kit.  But there is no USB-C cable, so you have to buy it separately.

 Baseus Mulight Power Bank PD3.0 + QC3.0

 Baseus Mulight is a relatively compact, although not the cheapest power bank.  The model is distinguished by support for super-fast charging according to the Qualcomm QC 3.0 standard and the ability to charge via USB Type-C not only a smartphone and tablet, but also a laptop.  It will be possible to simultaneously charge three devices at once, including via USB Type-A.  Among other advantages, it is worth noting a pleasant design and several levels of protection – including against overload, overcharge, too high voltage, short circuit.

 Another feature of the Baseus device is as many as 5 different charging outputs, which will make it possible to do without adapters.  The model also has an LED display for monitoring the charging process.  The device weighs only 340 grams, despite its rather high power.  The disadvantages include the absence of a cover and the inability to charge the included laptop, it must be turned off.

 Is 20000 mah power bank good for charging various gadgets like iPhone?  Yes, it will be enough to charge the iPhone completely 5-6 times.

 HIPER ForcePower 100W

 The model of the well-known manufacturer HIPER ForcePower 100W has a stylish design and a durable wear-resistant metal case.  It supports Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging technology and Power Delivery protocol (up to 100W).  To charge phones and laptops, you can use 2 connectors at once, and for the power bank itself, choose micro-USB or USB-C.  This is one of the more expensive models with the same capacity.

 The relatively high price of HIPER ForcePower 100W is offset by a number of advantages.  First, the ability to simultaneously charge three devices at once.  Secondly, the high charging speed of the external battery itself is about 50% faster than most analogs.  The only drawback is the lack of a cover in the kit, because of which the surface of the battery can be easily scratched.

 Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 Super Flash Charge

 Another model from Xiaomi, Super Flash Charge, received the same battery capacity as Power Bank Fast Charge, but costs almost three times more and weighs not 338, but 440 g. But among the advantages of the model, one can note the support for real  fast charging and the ability to charge laptops.

 Two devices can be connected to this powerbank at the same time.

 Among the shortcomings of the model are not the most practical design with glossy ends, on which fingerprints remain, an uninformative indicator and not very high-quality batteries inside.  But the case is sturdy enough to withstand falls and mechanical stress.

 ZMI QB822 AURA Power Bank

 Among the features of this external battery are compact dimensions and good strength with a weight of only 363 grams (the case is made of plastic).  The model is suitable for charging laptops and will allow you to monitor the battery level using an LED screen.  2 gadgets can be charged from the power bank at the same time.

 The power bank has three operating modes for different devices: with a voltage of 5, 9 and 12 V. By the way, the ZMI QB822 AURA Power Bank, which is produced only in black, also has a white copy (QB821).  But only the 822 model supports the Power Delivery charging protocol.

 Very often people buy such capacious power banks especially for long journeys and trips, including by plane.  When planning an airplane trip, you need to think about it, is 20000 mah power bank allowed in flight.

 Lithium-ion batteries and external batteries (power banks) are allowed only in carry-on baggage – it is strictly forbidden to check them in.

 Batteries with a capacity of less than 100 W / h can be transported without any quantity limit.

 If airport staff find a battery in your luggage, the suitcase will be opened and the prohibited device will be seized.

 If the capacity of your device is more than 32000 m3 / Ah, then it will be prohibited from being carried on board the aircraft.  You will need to throw it away or drop it off in a locker.

 Also, if there is no information about the power on the case of your powerbank, then its transportation on the plane is also prohibited.

Which is the best 20000 mah power bank
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