Power bank with usb c output


According to the law of meanness, phones are discharged at the most inopportune moment – before going to work or meeting.  Fast charging technology helps in such situations.  But what if you have already left the house and your phone is dead?  It’s good if you do not expect an urgent call and can get, for example, to work and find someone to charge you there.  But what if you have left for an important meeting and no longer have time to go home and recharge your phone?  In this case, fast charging usb c power bank will help you.

What is QuickCharge technology?  Consider the varieties of external batteries with fast charging

Quick Charge charging technology is patented by Qualcomm, which produces powerful processors and chips.  To date, a distinction is made between the second and third generation of this option.  Fast Charge 2.0 delivers 27 percent faster charging speed and half the heat generation.  This technology makes it possible to increase the power of the transmitted voltage to the smartphone battery up to 36 watts.  The current flow in this case is 7.2 amperes.  This figure is not available with standard chargers.  Therefore, the adapter must support Quick Charge and have the appropriate filling.  Quick Charge 3.0 makes it possible to charge the smartphone so that it will work for another 2-3 hours.

By the type of battery, the following types of usb c fast charge battery pack are distinguished:

  • Li-ion.  They are considered the most common and are used by most people.  They are enough for 500-1000 charge cycles and due to the voltage they are well combined with electronic gadgets.  They are compact in size, but are subject to overheating.  For this reason, manufacturers equip them with an automatic shutdown option when there is a risk of overcharging.
  • Lithium polymer.  More advanced overheating protection devices.  They differ from lithium-ion in greater safety and compactness.  These batteries contain liquid electrolyte.
  • By the type of security, the following devices are presented on the market:
  • Universal mobile batteries.  They are standard devices with a plastic or metal case without any protection.
  • Protected.  Robust equipment with resistance to mechanical damage, moisture and dust.  They are used by people with an active lifestyle and are suitable for use in extreme conditions.

Varieties of usb c fast charging power bank, depending on the purpose:

  • For smartphones and tablets.  The main category, since most modifications are made to power these devices.  They are equipped with a backlight, a charge level indicator and support the simultaneous recharging of several gadgets.
  • For laptops.  They are characterized by greater capacity and power, and are characterized by bulky dimensions.  Available in standard designs in black, white or gray shades.

Advantages of QuickCharge external batteries:

Speed ​​and convenience.  Users quickly charge their favorite gadgets and then use them for a long time.

Design.  A large number of striking design solutions are presented in online stores today.

Durability.  They are made of durable materials and work for a long time without breakdowns.

How to choose a fast charging usb c power bank?

If you decide to buy a power bank with usb c output, you can be sure that you will get a reliable device at your disposal that will charge the device to the required level in a few minutes.

Capacity.  The capacity indicator affects the power and charging speed.  Devices with a capacity from 3 to 50 thousand mAh are on sale.  The indicator is determined by the type of device being charged and the number of devices.

Body material.  For manufacturing, manufacturers use durable plastic and high quality metal.  Plastic is considered lighter, but inferior to metal in strength and resistance to damage.

Weight and size.  These factors directly depend on the capacity of the device.  The larger it is, the larger the device.  The type of battery installed also affects the size and weight.  Lithium ion is considered to be heavier than lithium polymer.

Current strength.  Determines the rate of return of the charge and is measured in milliamperes (mA).  If a power bank has less current than a smartphone or other device, then it will charge it slower or not at all.

Design.  It is chosen individually, as someone prefers a brighter design, while someone loves timeless classics.


  • Backlight.  Facilitates the process of searching in the dark.
  • Display.  Displays information about the operation of the power bank and USB ports.
  • Charge level indicator.  Shows the remaining charge level and simplifies the operation.

Fast charging usb c power bank – technological devices that make life and the process of charging a smartphone much easier.  And a discharged smartphone or laptop is a useless device that turns from a technological gadget into a piece of iron.  To prevent this unpleasant situation, it is recommended to purchase power banks.

Power bank with usb c output
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