How much is 10000 mah power bank


Each of us at least once in his life found himself in a situation when the phone was discharged at the wrong time and you were left without the Internet and connection.  If such troubles have recently overtaken you very often, we recommend buying a Power Bank for 10 00 mAh.  What is 10000 mah power bank?  This is the optimal battery life with which the phone will live for several days.

 The choice of a power bank can be very difficult, because the assortment on the market is very large, and they all differ in their size and characteristics.  Some power banks can only charge your phone or smartphone, so if you want to charge something larger, such as a tablet or laptop, then you will need a more powerful external battery.

 How to know, is 10000 mah power bank good for you.

 We decided to make a list of external batteries for 10,000 mAh

 Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 3 10000. One of the best sellers in 2021.  Shows consistently high-quality performance for all available functions.  Equipped with metal housing and short circuit and overload protection.  Will charge 2 gadgets at the same time thanks to two usb ports.  How much does 10000 mah charge?  Thanks to the lithium polymer battery, this model can withstand up to 900 charge cycles.

 Remax Relan Power Bank

 Compact and convenient Power Bank Remax Relan has a stylish design and enough capacity to cope with all the tasks.  The lithium polymer battery has a high efficiency factor.  Weighing 263 grams and dimensions 137x66x14 mm, it does not take up much space in your bag or backpack.


  •  the presence of 2 USB ports;

 Trust Power Bank Omni USB-C

 Trust Power Bank Omni has an intelligent protection system, it provides fast and safe charging.  Suitable for charging iOS and Android devices.  Support for the Quick Charge 3.0 function allows you to charge smartphones and other electronic gadgets via the USB-C port at a maximum power of 15W or through a USB port at a maximum power of 12W.


  •  · Support for standard fast charging Quick Charge 3.0;
  •  · Comes with a cable for microUSB and USB-C;
  •  · Intellectual protection;
  •  · There is a flashlight.

 Ergo Power Bank USB-C

 The PowerBank is housed in a stylish slim body and has an LED charge indicator that allows you to determine the level of remaining energy.  The Ergo Power Bank USB-C case is made of high quality materials that protect the battery from external influences.  Charging is carried out through the Type-C or USB port, you can charge multiple devices at the same time.


  •  · Availability of a charge level indicator;
  •  · Availability of 2 ports of connection: USB-C and USB.

 Energizer Power Bank 10000 mAh

 PowerBank has 1 USB port and supports Fast Charge technology, with which the smartphone charges 40% faster (but this requires the phone itself to support this technology).  Energizer Power Bank received an impact-resistant plastic case, resistant to scratches and damage.  It is a compact and lightweight external battery weighing 246 grams, with dimensions – 145x66x23.5 mm.  Thanks to the special texture of the plastic, the battery does not slip out of your hands, which means that the risk of damage from falls is minimal.


  •  · Support for Fast Charge technology;
  •  · There is a flashlight.

 Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i

 An excellent choice for long trips.  The presence of 2 USB ports allows you to simultaneously charge two smartphones or other electronic gadgets.  When two devices are connected at the same time, a total power of 15 watts is supplied to both outputs.

 The maximum charging power is 18W – if your phone supports Quick Charge 2.0, then you can very quickly restore the energy reserve of an electronic gadget.  Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2i independently determines the type of device connected to it and selects the optimal operating mode.


  •  · Availability of 2 USB-outputs;
  •  · Charge level indicator;
  •  · Support for fast charging.

 A 10,000 mAh battery is more than enough for several days of autonomous operation of the device, but it is worth remembering that energy consumption depends not only on the size of the battery, but also on the energy efficiency of the internal components of the smartphone: processor, graphics, RAM.

 Manufacturer and price

 It is better to pay attention to the power banks of well-known brands such as Samsung, Asus, Xiaomi, Huawei, Nokia.  Unknown and dubious manufacturers equip their products with the cheapest electronic components, which affects safety.  Another reason to choose a reliable brand is the discrepancy between the declared characteristics.  The package of the power bank says 10000 mAh, but in practice it may turn out to be less than 5000 mAh.

 How much is 10000 mah power bank? 

A good option can be chosen already from 10 – 15 US dollars.


 Design is one of the last points for choosing a power bank.  There is no need to expect crazy performance from an outwardly attractive device from a dubious manufacturer.

 With a powerful PowerBank at hand, you no longer have to worry that you may be left without connection.

How much is 10000 mah power bank
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