How much is 10000 mah power bank

Each of us at least once in his life found himself in a situation when the phone was discharged at the wrong time and you were left without the Internet and connection.  If such troubles have recently overtaken you very often, we recommend buying a Power Bank for 10 00 mAh.  What is 10000 mah […]

Which is the best 20000 mah power bank

Until recently, it was enough to purchase a 7000-10000 mAh power bank to charge the phone from it two or three times.  But the situation is changing very quickly: smartphones are getting more powerful and consume more and more energy.  Even the latest iPhone 13 Pro has a 3080mAh battery, not to mention some Android […]

Is 5000 mah power bank good

Why did users like 5000 mah power banks?  In the 21st century, people find it difficult to imagine a day without the use of gadgets.  Phones, tablets, smart watches, e-books – all this has become a part of the life of a modern person.  And this raises a new problem that needs immediate resolution: the […]

Fast charging power bank Samsung

For almost 10 years, Samsung has been one of the leaders in the production of large and small household appliances, as well as mobile phones and power banks.  Like all products of the company, each powerbank with Samsung fast charging is subjected to rigorous testing for the reliability of charging cells, which guarantees the safety […]

Power bank with usb c output

According to the law of meanness, phones are discharged at the most inopportune moment – before going to work or meeting.  Fast charging technology helps in such situations.  But what if you have already left the house and your phone is dead?  It’s good if you do not expect an urgent call and can get, […]

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