Best type c fast charging power bank

For those who value their time very much, special Type-C portable charger have appeared on the market.  These models show a faster charging speed for their battery.  Users will be able to save a lot of time preparing the external battery for any adventure.  You just need to choose a good option.


 Next generation connector technology

 The USB Type-C port is a cutting edge development in the standard for this connector family.  The nest has several advantages.  The most obvious is the symmetry of the plug.  This makes it easier to connect and reduces the rate of wear on both the socket and the connector.  But the main advantage is the increased number of contacts.  In smart electronics, this provides a high rate of energy transfer and data exchange between connected devices.  Powerbanks use only the first feature.  When connected in this way, the battery charges much faster than conventional counterparts.

 The following advantages of charging through the USB Type-C port in the Power Bank can be distinguished:

  •  -High speed filling the volume of the battery.
  •  -Less energy loss, such a device is economical.
  •  -Improved surge protection.
  •  -Reduced wear on the socket and plug, simplified connection even to the touch.

 As you can see, the use of this connection method is superior to the classic interfaces in everything.  Therefore, such a choice pays for itself very quickly.

 What is Power Bank with Type-C for?

In most Power Bank models, the Type-C output is located next to the standard microUSB interface.  This socket is used to replenish the energy reserves of the device itself.  The technology provides a high rate of power transmission.  Therefore, charging is much faster than using standard microUSB.  This can save you a lot of time.  This will be especially appreciated by active users who often have to prepare the battery at the last moment before going out.

The presence of both interfaces makes it possible to use any cable.  Charging via both interfaces at the same time is not expected by most devices.  If the factory cable fails, it is easy to replace it with any other analog.  Such a purchase is perfect for users who have a lot of equipment with a similar interface.  This will allow the same cable type to be used for all devices.  This greatly facilitates the operation of modern electronics.

 How not to make the wrong choice

 When choosing a Type-C power bank, you should focus on the main performance characteristics of the device:

 Capacity.  Indicated in mAh, indicates the capacity of the external battery.  The higher the indicator, the larger, heavier and more expensive the unit.

 Voltage.  Indicated in Amperes, corresponds to the rate of energy transfer.  The higher the value, the faster the charging takes place.  Most compact devices support input voltages up to 2.4 A.

 Protection.  Various internal security systems can be installed in power banks.  They protect the device from overheating, voltage surges, physical damage and overload.

 Interfaces.  Budget models have 1 USB slot, medium ones and more have 2 or more.  This allows you to charge multiple devices at the same time.

The presence of the function of high-speed charging.  Type c Power Delivery power bank is an external battery that supports the popular and very convenient Power Delivery fast charging option.

Please note that when charging from the Power Bank, some of the energy is consumed.  Therefore, you should take a model with a good margin of capacity.  It is also important to know that lithium batteries can explode if misused or damaged.  Therefore, it is better not to save on protection systems and take good care of the unit.

 If you choose best type c fast charging power bank, then hope this article will help you.  Let’s take a look at a few power banks equipped with this new connector.

Xiaomi Zmi Power Bank Type C 10,000 from the popular and beloved brand Xiaomi.  This type c fast charging power bank has a stylish appearance thanks to a new design solution – fabric upholstery.  It is also quite compact and lightweight.  It has a capacity of 10,000 mAh and supports two fast charging protocols – Power Delivery and Quick Charge.  It can charge not only smartphones, tablets, headphones, but also a laptop.  True, the charging speed of laptops will be significantly lower than the charging speed of a smartphone.

 Nomi U 1000 10000 mah Silver.  Great budget type c portable charger.  It is also equipped with usb, microUSB and lighthing outputs for wired charging of smartphones and gadgets from Apple.  The kit also includes a cable with these three connectors.  A charge of 10,000 mAh is enough to recharge your smartphone 3-4 times.

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