What is Power bank Which power bank is the best?

 A power bank is a powerful energy storage and storage device that is used to charge and maintain battery life.  It is practically no different from the battery in a laptop or smartphone.  Several power elements are located inside the case, which are interconnected by a controller board.  One of the sides is equipped with connectors for connecting other gadgets – USB and MicroUSB ports.  In appearance, they resemble a bar with a minimalist design.  Some modifications are bright and unusual design elements.


 Depending on the purpose, the following types of power bank are distinguished:

 For laptop.  Massive portable laptop batteries have special characteristics, since not every power bank is suitable to continue its battery life.  They have a high capacity from 15 to 60 thousand mAh and an output voltage of at least 12V.  Will be an excellent charging option for your laptop on the road or on the go.

 For a tablet.  Universal mobile batteries.  Suitable for recharging not only tablets, but also smartphones, smart watches, bracelets.  They are of medium power and come in a standard and striking design.

 For phone (for smartphone).  An external battery can be used as a power bank for a smartphone, and another type is a battery case.  Such a device not only charges, but also protects against falls.  The principle of operation of these wireless external batteries is quite simple: they are charged from the mains, and the internal cells retain their charge for a long time and, as needed, give it to the connected device.

 By the type of battery, the following types of Power Banks are distinguished:

 Lithium-ion (Li-Ion).  The most common variety.  They self-discharge little, weigh a little and provide the required current characteristics.  One device is designed for 500-1000 recharging cycles.  The only negative is the high probability of breakage due to excessive heating.  But this problem is not terrible if the manufacturer has equipped the device with an automatic shutdown function when the risk of overheating is exceeded.

 Lithium Polymer (Li-Polymer).  They are an improved version of lithium-ion portable chargers.  They are lightweight and equipped with overheating protection.  They differ from their predecessors in the consistency of the electrolyte – in them it is liquid, and in Li-Ion it is gel-like.

 Powerbanks with a solar battery.  These devices are charged by the sun.  They are suitable for Tesla fans and people who often go hiking, since to recharge such a power bank, you do not need an outlet and electricity.  Their surface is covered with a light-sensitive layer that generates energy in sunlight.

 Classification by body material:

 Plastic.  They are produced in different shapes, colors and are characterized by light weight, as well as small dimensions.  Various patterns can be applied to plastic devices to diversify the design.  Fragility is distinguished from the disadvantages, since plastic cases are less resistant to damage and scratches than metal ones.

 Metallic.  Aluminum is used for manufacturing.  Metal power banks are heavier and more expensive than plastic ones due to their resistance to shocks, drops, scratches.

 Protected power banks.  Batteries of this type are waterproof, protected from shock, damage and breakage, a special coating protects against moisture, dampness, temperature extremes – extreme heat or frost.

 The following devices are distinguished by the charge indicator:

 With LED indicator.  The housing is equipped with diodes that indicate the percentage of charge.  This figure is approximate, but gives the user an idea of ​​when the device is discharging.

 LCD display.  This screen displays accurate information about the state of charge, as well as data on all USB ports.

 One USB connector for 1A.  Suitable for small vehicles and produced with low power.

 One USB connector for 2A.  More powerful modifications.  Suitable for cameras, laptops and other devices.  Quite often, manufacturers combine 1A and 2A connectors, allowing the user to simultaneously charge two gadgets.

 How to choose a power bank?

  Before choosing, it is recommended to consider the following criteria:

 Compatible with the gadget.  Before buying, you should pay attention that the output voltage required to maintain the autonomy of your device matches the output voltage of the device model.  You can see this indicator on the mains charger or in the instructions.  For modern devices, the most common voltage is DC 5V.

 Capacity indicator.  This parameter determines how much and for how long the power bank can give energy to another device.  It affects dimensions and dimensions.  There are models with such a capacity on the market:

  •  At 10,000 mAh.  Enough to maintain the autonomous operation of one device.
  •  At 20,000 mAh.  Average.  An external battery with this capacity is enough for long hikes.
  •  At 50,000 mAh.  Weighty, bulky power banks for devices operating from 220V.
  •  Which power bank is best for your needs, it’s up to you.
  •  Additional options.  For ease of use, they are equipped with the following add-ons:
  •  Second USB connector.  Allows you to charge two devices at the same time.
  •  LED lights.  Simplifies the process of finding the power bank in the dark.
  •  Charge level indicator.  Facilitates the process of monitoring the charge level.

 Design solution.  This parameter does not affect the power of the device in any way, but puts pressure on the aesthetic component.  For lovers of bright colors and extraordinary design, manufacturers produce devices of various shapes and colors, with the addition of patterns or drawings.  If you prefer a discreet style, classic devices in gray, white or black will suit you.


 Which company power bank is best?  In the reviews, buyers praise the banks of such companies:

  •  Xiaomi.  For lovers of standard solutions.  The Chinese company makes fixtures in gray, white and black with additional lighting.
  •  Huawei.  A Chinese brand of powerful portable chargers.  They are taken with them on long journeys, hikes, trips.
  •  Hoco.  The manufacturer manufactures power banks with stylish design and increased reliability.  Equips products with special protection systems against overheating or overcharging, backlighting.
  •  Solar.  Solar powered portable gadgets.  They are used during fishing, picnics, hiking.  Manufactured with a case protected from dust, moisture, shock.
  •  Remax.  The company surprises customers with extraordinary design solutions.  They produce products in the form of books, women’s lipsticks, cartridges, using both bright and familiar shades.
  •  Samsung.  A reliable Korean manufacturer produces medium-capacity power banks, but creates them in various colors, equipped with a charge indicator and two USB ports.

 Which brand is good for power bank – the choice is yours.

 More and more modern users give preference to devices developed by Apple.  And if you used an Android phone before, and only recently became the owner of a brand new IPhone, then soon you will be faced with the question of choosing and buying an external battery.  After all, smartphones from Apple are quite capricious, they love a respectful attitude, and will last a long time if you choose suitable accompanying gadgets for them.  Which power bank for IPhone?  Of course, first of all, these are power banks developed by Apple.  They are, of course, quite expensive, but in all respects they are suitable for the iPhone smartphone, and will not harm it, will not overheat and will always carry out the charging process correctly.

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