Octavian Florescu

All of my work is a real introspection of life. The search for the Human essence, for the link between the human reality and the spiritual one are the leading ideas of my art. The unknown, the energy, the movement, and the metamorphosis are the basic elements used.

The characters are almost real; the shapes are fluid and in motion; they are spiritual, radiating energy to the point of merging with the Universe. Each work is a story, a rhapsody, a vision into spirituality. The suppleness of the human symbols, the movement, the soaring toward the infinite try to introduce the spectator into a system of perfection. However, I am trying to only suggest the idea of departure in meditation toward perfection, without creating the image of an absolute world.

I was born in 1957 in the Southern Romanian town of Craiova.

In 1979, I interrupted my university studies in engineering to become a full-time painter. For five years I studied church painting and restoration that gave me the opportunity to learn and master all painting techniques from the ancient fresco to the contemporary oil and acrylic. The influence of the Byzantine style is noticeable in the suppleness of the personages.

Since 1989, while in Hungary, I completely dedicated myself to surrealism.

Moving to Canada meant real international recognition. I won various national and international awards and have been shown and celebrated in several art galleries. The prizes include first place at the "International Salon of Art" in Montreal, and at the national HMV "Music in Visual Art", Canada.

My paintings have been featured in galleries and exhibitions in Austria, Canada, France, Hungary, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Turkey, UK, and the USA

Some selected exhibitions:

Galleries (1990-2011):


I can feel and hear the athletic tensional control, the artistry and the musical elegance of this painting. I pulse from the vibration of the explosive ignition of the rhythm of the dance and I cannot help myself get caught up in the complete enrapturment and wonderment contained within the sheer love for the music being expressed.
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