Arunas Rutkus

Arunas Rutkus

Born in Lithuania. In 1985 graduated Lithuanian Art Academy. In addition to painting studied stained glass, fresco, mosaic, ceramics and sculpture. In 1987 under the personal invitation of the Union of Artists participated in the Symposium of Monumental Art under direction of A.Karnaukhov in Moscow.

In the beginning of the 90s within several years developed his unusual painting style in Europe. At that time he already held both group and personal exhibitions. Among them:

Group and personal exhibitions:

Paintings of Arunas Rutkus can be found in galleries and private collections in the USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Holland, France, Russia, Belgium, Austria, Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Spain, Israel, United Arab Emirates. Arunas Rutkus painting, called "Leaf", belongs to a popular singer Sting.